Would deliberately spreading blatant misinformation on birds be an okay april fools joke

I hope so. 

Birds go to dog school. Which is for birds.

Birds sculpt their own beaks. All that Darwin stuff is ridiculous, finches are just very artistic.

We don’t know why birds lay eggs. Birds are not born, they just spontaneously appear from the sky.

Geese are lovely, kindhearted, soulful creatures.

Unpopular opinion

I really don’t like “madam tutli putli”

Just because a film took forever to make does not make it good

I already have a dislike for shorts that try to be “creepy”, and on top of that, this film runs like twice as long as it should.

I wouldn’t really care, but we’ve literally been shown this film in like five different classes and I didn’t like it the first time around.